Date: 14.7.20

  • Courses

You can find all courses and information how they will implement virtual teaching here.

  • Exams

For oral exams virtual solutions can be found. A special extension of the examination rules was put in place. Please contact your examiner for details. Exams are planned at the end of the semester. Details about the implementation will be given by the lecturer.

  • Tools used at the department

 During a hackathon students and lecturers tested and evaluated a breadth of teaching techniques and online platforms. An overview oft he results can be found in this Wiki

  • Space for learning and working

To jointly work on problem sets or rehearse course material, there is a virtual working room with Tutors that assist you. 

  • Questions

Please ask our directors of study:

Or the dean of studies:

Prof. Dr. Selim Jochim

Or the chair of the examination committee:

Prof. Dr. Cornelis Dullemond, he is operating an FAQ page here.

Or our student representatives (Fachschaft)