Master of Science Physics

General Information

Students obtain a deeper understanding of physical phenomena and an introduction to current research.

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Admission requirements

Applicants must have successfully completed their Bachelor's degree with sufficient physics course content as well as have a command of the English language

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The application process for German and other candidates holding a relevant German degree

Application to the Master's degree commences with an online registration.

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The application process for international candidates

International applicants must commence their application by completing an online form

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Structure of the Master's Degree

The Master's degree is organised into a course work phase and a research phase, both having a modular structure with credit points associated.

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General curriculum and model study plans

The following is a generic timetable for a master's degree at Heidelberg. Due to the large degree of choice which students enjoy at Heidelberg, this example requires individual adjustment by the students. Several model timetables listed in the module handbook may serve as a planning aid.

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Course requirements and courses held

The structure of the Master's degree and the course requirements are detailed in the Master's Reference Manual - courses held in this semester can also been found here

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Templates for your Master thesis can be downloaded from this site.

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Please consult one of our councellors with your questions:

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