Master of Science Physics Fast Track

The research-oriented, consecutive, one-year Master of Science Physics Fast Track programme is designed for students who have successfully completed a four-year undergraduate degree in physics (240 ECTS credits) with an average grade of at least 1.9 in the German grading system.

It serves the acquisition of long-term scientific qualifications in the field of physics and, at the student's choice, also in related fields, aimed at the systematic critical acquisition and advancement of knowledge.

The Master's examination is intended to determine whether students have an overview of the interrelationships of the subject, the ability to apply scientific methods and findings, and whether they have acquired the thorough specialist knowledge necessary for transition to professional practice or for doctoral studies.

The training program is generally conducted in English. Very good knowledge of English is therefore a prerequisite for successful study.

The education

Study program


Research Phase

1st Semester

Specialization phase



Methodical skills and project planning


2nd Semester

Master thesis