Lauriane Chomaz awarded an ERC Starting Grant

The research project of Lauriane Chomaz,  "Two-dimensional Dipolar Quantum Gases: Fluctuations and Orders" (2DDip), funded by an ERC Starting Grant, addresses the question of how matter behaves under extreme conditions - in two-dimensional space and in the presence of competing long- and short-range atomic interactions - and how the resulting order changes under the influence of
quantum and thermal fluctuations. With the aid of a novel experimental setup, she will for the first time use ultracold quantum gases of dysprosium atoms in an effectively two-dimensional space. Dysprosium belongs to the the so-called rare earths and has the highest magnetic moment of all naturally occurring stable naturally occurring stable chemical elements. By studying different states of these magnetic gases, Prof. Chomaz hopes to gain new insights into previously unexplored exotic states of matter, their respective orderings, ordering mechanisms and fluctuations. She hopes that her research will help to find answers to open questions about two-dimensional orders in long-range atomic interactions and open up new research questions.