Jan von Allwörden/DAAD

ERASMUS-Programme, Study Abroad, TU Stockholm S STOCKHO04

Offered: 1 person, 10 months

The Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm is a university in Stockholm and Sweden's largest technical university. It currently has approximately 11,500 students. Besides the main campus on the northern edge of the city centre, there are others in Kista, Haninge and Södertälje.



Royal Institute of Technology or Stockholm University
Department of Physics
AlbaNova University Center
SE - 106 91 Stockholm
Tel: +46 - 8 - 790 6000 (Switchboard)


Study level:

Bachelor + Master


Term dates:

Autumn Term: End of August - Mid January

Spring Term: Mid January - Beginning of June


ERASMUS Coordinator (University)

Anna Hellberg Gustavsson
Erasmus Coordinator
Tel: +46 8 790 6849
Email: annahg@kth.se


ERASMUS Coordinator (Faculty)

see Link