Introductory course for first semester students

The aim of the introductory course is to facilitate the start of studies.

The introductory course starts on 23.09.2024 at 09:15 (probably in lecture hall 1, Im Neuenheimer Feld 308, 69120 Heidelberg).

The course duration is 3 weeks, daily from 09:15 to approximately 18:00.

The introductory course consists of three components:

1. Mathematical part

For the study of physics, solid knowledge and skills from high school mathematics are needed.
These include:
Numbers, sequences, series and functions, differential and integral calculus,

Trigonometric functions, exponential function, logarithm,

Elementary vector calculus, complex numbers, Taylor series.

The mathematical part of the introductory course is intended to facilitate the transition from school mathematics to the introductory physics course and is not only recommended for those whose school-leaving certificate was issued some time ago or who had little mathematics instruction in the last school year.

Literature: K. Hefft, Mathematischer Vorkurs zum Studium der Physik, Heidelberg,

Springer Verlag Verlag, 2nd ed. 2018.

Online version:


2. Basic Course: Key competencies for successful study

The basic course starts in the afternoon of the last week of the introductory course (7.10. to 11.10.2024) and continues during the lecture period with 2 hours per week.

In the basic course you will acquire knowledge of learning techniques, taking notes, preparation and follow-up of lectures, effective teamwork, time management, preparation of exams and media competence.

3. Accompanying programme of the student council

The student council organizes the social program that accompanies the mathematical lectures and exercises. On several days, events such as game nights, hikes, campus tours, and much more are offered. During the various activities, contacts can be made, and you can get to knonw the city, as well as the campus. Details will be available in time at
The introductory course is not mandatory. However, we highly recommend that you participate. You can only benefit from it.


Physics Buddy Program

Lecture hall, mensa, Neckarwiese - how does studying physics in Heidelberg work and what else is there to explore? Together the faculty and the student council organize the Physics Buddy program. More than hundred students are volunteering to serve as contact people in small groups and help you with the start of your studies. Our Buddies are no course overview or private tutor, but "normal" students who have experienced and mastered all the things that are new and seemingly overwhelming for you now. If you are interested, you can sign in with your "Uni-ID" (after immatriculation) or a preliminary account. (Information will be sent to you by mail for the latter.)