Teaching prize summer term 2022

The faculty’s teaching prize for the summer term 2022 is awarded to JProf. Loredana Gastaldo (KIP) and Dr. Teresa Marrodan Undagoitia (MPIK) for their lecture „Experimental Methods in Astroparticle Physics“, which was very well received by the students. The study commission emphasised that the concept of the lecture was newly developed and offered interesting insights into the experimental challenges of modern astroparticle physics. The teaching prize for the best tutorial goes to Mr. Moritz Sindram for his tutorial in Physics B, where his students pointed out the quality of his explanations and his thoroughness.
Photo (from left to right): Moritz Sindram, Dr. Teresa Marrodan Undagoitia, JProf. Dr. Loredana Gastaldo and the Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. Björn Malte Schäfer.