Highly integrated superconducting nanostructures for quantum technologies.

For the realization of integrated superconducting circuits the fundamentals of all the necessary processes are developed and combined into a coordinated process sequence with a standardized overall fabrication. The individual processes such as lithography, coating and structuring are are carried out by companies with the relevant expertise in close connection with research laboratories at specialized institutes.

With the establishment of the basic processes and the consolidation of these to a standard manufacturing process, equipment and processes for the production of superconducting integrated circuits will be commercially available, enabling research laboratories at universities and and companies to make use of the quantum technology, without the hurdle of many years of process development. This broadens the basis of this technology development enormously and accelerates the realization of quantum technology applications.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Christian Enss


Direct lithography with the MaskLess Aligner technique. HEIDELBERG INSTRUMENTS MIKROTECHNIK GmbH