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Our department

The subjects physics and astronomy were the object of research and teaching right from the founding days of the University. On the developmental path from a speculative to an exact science in the 19th century, famous scientists, such as Gustav Robert Kirchhoff and Hermann Helmholtz - both Heidelberg physicists - played an important role.

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Facts and figures

1300 students, about 800 in the Bachelors and Master's courses and 500 doctoral students learn physics in Heidelberg. With around 170 Diploma degrees and over 100 doctoral degrees in the year 2009, Heidelberg has the leading Department of Physics and Astronomy in Germany.

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy lays emphasis in general on offering a wide spectrum of research topics and in particular on focussing on fundamental aspects.

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The history of the development of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Heidelberg

Whoever digs into the historical documents of the University of Heidelberg and searches for special occurrences in the history of physics at the University will quickly discover some.

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy values the contacts with its alumni.

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