49th Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days

October 10-14, 2022

Welcome to the 49th Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days. The courses are open for advanced students, in particular those working on their Master's and doctoral theses. Our aim is to offer courses that broaden the physics knowledge of our students as well as to teach specialized techniques.

The courses are organised as parallel block lectures, with the morning lectures taking place from 9:30 to 12:30 and the afternoon lectures from 14:00 to 17:00, including coffee breaks. There is also a free lunch each day included in your registration. Note that each course runs every day for five days either in a morning or afternoon slot.

To take part in the 49th Graduate Days please register.

The Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days take place Im Neuenheimer Feld 226 and 227.

49th Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days

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Daniel Unverzagt, Maksym Gachkivskyi
Heidelberg University
Tuesday, October 11th, 17:30
Student Representatives' Welcome and Get Together INF 226 K1/2/3


Frederic P. Schuller
University of Twente
Constructive Gravity INF 227 CIP POOL
Philipp Hauke
University of Trento
Quantum Simulation and Optimization INF 226 K1/2/3
Marc Kachelrieß, Elias Eulig, Michael Knaup, Joscha Maier, and Stefan Sawall
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
X-Ray Computed Tomography and Tomographic Image Reconstruction INF 227 SR3.403/404
Norbert Wermes
University of Bonn
Semiconductor Detectors - Fundamentals and Applications INF 227 HS2
Giorgio Arcadi
University of Messina
Dark Matter Production Mechanisms and their Experimental Probes INF 227 SR1.403/404


Payton Gardner
University of Montana
Water Planet - Hydrology and Coupled Physics of the Earth's Shallow Interior INF 227 HS1
Stephanie Hansmann-Menzemer, Michel De Cian
Heidelberg University, EPFL
Introduction to Quark and Lepton Flavour Physics INF 227 SR1.403/404
Joerg Jaeckel
Heidelberg University
A few thoughts on naturalness and all that INF 227 SR3.403/404
Fabian Walter
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
Galaxy Evolution through Cosmic Time with ALMA INF 227 CIP POOL
Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
University of Innsbruck
Correlated Quantum Matter with Ultracold Atoms and Molecules INF 227 HS2
Team d-fine
d-fine, Frankfurt am Main
Multiple crises at the same time - how data analytics and risk management can help to navigate in uncertain times INF 226 K1/2/3

Industry Lecture

Stefan Lippoldt
Carl Zeiss SMT, Oberkochen
Monday, October 10th, 17:30, followed by beer and bretzels
Breaking new ground for the microchips of tomorrow INF 227 HS2

Extra Lecture

with Tilman Plehn
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Monday, October 10th, 20:00-21:00
Galapagos Big Band INF 226 FOYER

Hans Jensen Lecture

Sally Dawson
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Thursday, October 13th, 18:00, followed by the d-fine reception
Why Study Particle Physics? Tackling the Big Questions GREAT HALL OF THE OLD UNIVERSITY - ALTE AULA