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Gas dynamics, inflow and star formation in the innermost 3 kpc of the Milky Way

Dr Mattia Sormani , ITA/ZAH, University of Heidelberg

I will give an introduction to gas dynamics and star formation in the central region (R<3kpc) of the Milky Way. This region is dominated by the strongly non-axisymmetric gravitational potential of the Galactic bar. After reviewing the basic theoretical tools, I will discuss several topics including (i) how to interpret the observed longitude-velocity maps of CO, HI and other interstellar gas tracers; (ii) how we can use the gas dynamics to constrain the properties of the Galactic bar; (iii) how the gas is driven inwards from the Galactic disc (R~3kpc) down to the Central Molecular Zone (CMZ, R~120pc) and then to the central black hole SgrA*; (iv) the spatial and temporal distribution of star formation in the Galactic centre. Finally, I will highlight some open questions and directions of future research.

Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium
30 Nov 2021, 16:00
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