Adrian Herkert
4MOST - Science and Instrument
Andreas Quirrenbach
Sonnet Hands-On
Markus Dorn
Status Update - 60GHz Transmitter
Hans Kristian Soltveit
Annagrazia Puglisi
Thu, 13 Dec 2018, 11:00
Phylogeny of stars and the evolution of the Milky Way
Paula Jofre
Thu, 13 Dec 2018, 11:15
Alexander Mil
Thu, 13 Dec 2018, 13:15
The Drop-Tower in Bremen - Weightless on Earth
Bernd Carsten Sander (ZARM)
Fri, 14 Dec 2018, 11:00

Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium

The Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium this summer semester takes place on Tuesdays at 16:15 in the Grand Lecture Hall of Philosophenweg 12. The colloquium is organised jointly by the Center for Astronomy at Heidelberg University (ZAH), the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA), the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK), and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS).
Usual location: Philosophenweg 12, Großer Hörsaal
Contact: Ralf Klessen

Upcoming Talks:

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Star formation from kpc to hundreds of AU scales
Henrik Beuther
18 Dec 2018, 16:15

The IllustrisTNG Project
Lars Hernquist
8 Jan 2019, 16:15

How can nucleosynthesis constrain explosions? New perspectives using multi-D supernova models
Claudia Travaglio
15 Jan 2019, 16:15

Hunting ghostly galaxies with the Dragonfly Telephoto Array
Pieter van Dokkum
22 Jan 2019, 16:15

Formation and properties of galactic discs: The N-body view
Lia Athanassoula
29 Jan 2019, 16:15

Molecular tori, black hole fueling and feedback in nearby AGN
Francoise Combes
5 Feb 2019, 16:15

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