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Victor Marian
Thu, 28 Mar 2019, 11:00
Paola Di Matteo
Fri, 29 Mar 2019, 15:00
Using the HICANN-X
Vitali Karasenko
Wed, 3 Apr 2019, 16:00

Fermi Bubbles - An overview and more

Pooja Surajbali , MPIK
The Fermi bubbles are one of the largest structures known in the gamma-ray sky. From their discovery, they have been the subject of several studies, however, there are many aspects of it that are still a mystery. The bubbles have a non-trivial explanation for their origin, the understanding of which will provide an insight into the nature of processes occurring towards the center of the Milky Way. In this talk, I list the observed features of/ associated to the bubbles and align them with possible origin models and gamma-ray emission mechanisms. Furthermore, I use some of these features as a priori information in a toy model that I describe. Additionally, I comment on the cons of the gamma-ray emission mechanisms mentioned and conclude with future endeavors for the north Fermi bubble.
ITA "blackboard" Colloquium
28 Jan 2019, 11:15
Philosophenweg, 12, 106

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