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ITA "blackboard" Colloquium

The ITA "blackboard" Colloquium (ITA BBC) focuses on the introduction to modern topics in Astrophysics, presented by colleagues, who are experts on their own field. The colloquium is given on the blackboard, where the speakers demonstrate the most interesting aspects of their research. Participants are allowed to ask questions during the presentation, making the discussion more lively. Presenters are encouraged to also show few slides, which will help them visualize their presentations more efficiently.
Website: Website not specified.
Usual location: Philosophenweg 12, R 106
Contact: Matteo Maturi

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Kirill Shiianov (Capgemini Engineering)
Thu, 18 Apr 2024, 11:00
Hierarchical star cluster assembly boosts IMBH formation
Antti Rantala (MPA)
Thu, 18 Apr 2024, 11:00
Gas and the life-cycle of radio galaxies
Pranav Kukreti
Thu, 18 Apr 2024, 11:15
Hydrogen reionisation ends at z=5.3: what we know from quasar absorption spectroscopy (Pre-talk 15:30)
Sarah Bosman
Thu, 18 Apr 2024, 16:15
Massive Stellar Cluster Formation — From Filament to Binary
Shanghuo Li
Fri, 19 Apr 2024, 11:00