Königstuhl Colloquium

Joint colloquium of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) and the Landessternwarte (LSW) of the ZAH where scientists from both institutions as well as their guests present new results.

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Website: http://www.mpia.de/KoCo
Usual location: Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Level 3 Lecture Hall (301)
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Upcoming Talks:

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Knitting Together a New 3D View of our Milky Way Galaxy
Catherine Zucker
14 May 2021, 15:00

Studying quasar microlensing with robotic telescopes
Robert Schmidt
21 May 2021, 15:00

Neige Frankel
28 May 2021, 15:00

Felix Bosco
4 Jun 2021, 15:00

Myriam Benisty
11 Jun 2021, 15:00

Unveiling the Architectures of Planetary Systems Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Martin Schlecker
18 Jun 2021, 15:00

The Many Diverse Manifestations of Supermassive Black-Hole Feedback
Annalisa Pillepich
25 Jun 2021, 15:00

Til Birnstiel
2 Jul 2021, 15:00

Almudena Arcones
9 Jul 2021, 15:00

Steffi Walch-Gassner
23 Jul 2021, 15:00

Stephan Stock
30 Jul 2021, 15:00

Saskia Hekker
24 Sep 2021, 15:00

Prize winners
Patzer colloquium
26 Nov 2021, 15:00

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