Königstuhl Colloquium

Joint colloquium of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) and the Landessternwarte (LSW) of the ZAH where scientists from both institutions as well as their guests present new results.

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Website: http://www.mpia.de/KoCo
Usual location: Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Level 3 Lecture Hall (301)
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The Formation and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes at Early Cosmic Epochs
Anna-Christina Eilers
19 Jul 2019, 15:00

David Hogg
26 Jul 2019, 15:00

Sven Buder
2 Aug 2019, 15:00

Michael Kueffmeier
6 Sep 2019, 15:00

Sarah Leslie
13 Sep 2019, 15:00

Paola Pinilla
27 Sep 2019, 15:00

Accretion and Feedback in High-Mass Star Formation
Rolf Kuiper
18 Oct 2019, 15:00

Ravit Helled
25 Oct 2019, 15:00

New Light on Standard Candles: Testing Hubble Tension using High-precision Observations of Cepheid Variable Stars
Richard Anderson
8 Nov 2019, 15:00

22 Nov 2019, 15:00

Patzer Colloquium
29 Nov 2019, 15:00

Anaelle Maury
6 Dec 2019, 15:00

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