HighRR BiWeekly Seminar

The HighRR seminar is organized on a bi-weekly basis. It is dedicated to the regular knowledge exchange between all HighRR researchers. HighRR doctoral students as well as HighRR researchers can present their work and discuss specific as well as common problems of detector research.
Website: http://www.kip.uni-heidelberg.de/veranstaltungen/seminar.php?bereich=&sid=207
Usual location: INF 226, K2 & K3
Contact: Contact not specified. Please contact the administrator for further information.

Recent Talks:

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XIDer – an X-ray Integrating Detector for the ESRF-EBS Upgrade
David Schimansky
3 Apr 2019, 15:15

ECHo step by step: from detector design to data acquisition
Federica Mantegazzini
17 Apr 2019, 15:15

Triplet Track Trigger for Future Hadron Collider Experiments
Tamasi Kar
15 May 2019, 15:15

Design and Development of Radiation Hard Si Strip Detector for HL-LHC Experiments
Sonam Sharma
12 Jun 2019, 15:15

Belle2 Detector- and Machine Status
Dr. Oskar Hartbrich
26 Jun 2019, 15:15