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Faustine Cantalloube (MPIA) on High-contrast imaging of exoplanets and circumstellar disks
The Imprint of Cosmic Web Quenching on Galaxy Evolution
Nico Winkel
Thu, 11 Mar 2021, 11:00
MPIA travel analysis 2018-2020
Sustainability group
Thu, 11 Mar 2021, 11:00
MPIA business trip analysis 2018-2020
Jan Rybizki
Fri, 12 Mar 2021, 10:00

Advanced Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics

There is a restricted number of topics. The assignment of the final topics will be during the first seminar session on Nov 3rd, 2020 where the topics will be introduced. The seminars and the assignment session will be held online, via a zoom meeting. To participate in the assignment session, please use the Registration. This does not mean you have to participate in the seminar, but allows you to attend the assignment session by invitation.

Possible Topics are listed here:

High-Frequency Electron Spin Resonance: Studying low-energy magnon excitations in quantum magnets

Thermal expansion and magnetostriction: Investigating the interplay of lattice, spins, electrons, and orbitals

AC susceptometry: Studying the nature of magnetic phase transitions and relaxation phenomena

Optical probes of ultrafast charge motion

Principle of operation and applications of dry dilution refrigerator

Investigating atomic tunneling systems in amorphous solids

For further Information about the Seminar, see Registration.
Usual location: Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik, online
Contact: Contact not specified. Please contact the administrator for further information.

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