ARI Institute Colloquium

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Usual location: Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Mönchhofstraße 12-14, Via Zoom. Please contact the organizers (Prof. Eva Grebel or Prof. Joachim Wambsganss) if you need the Zoom link.
Contact: Helga Ballmann, Karin Seibel, Robert Schmidt

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Changing the paradigm of globular cluster formation
Ivan Cabrera-Ziri
28 Oct 2021, 11:15

Stellar Winds in Turbulent Environments
Lachlan Lancaster
4 Nov 2021, 11:15

The Merger History of the Milky Way - What Gaia Revealed
Eva Grebel
11 Nov 2021, 11:15

The ROME/REA microlensing survey: Three years of Galactic bulge observations
Yiannis Tsapras
18 Nov 2021, 11:15

Observational properties of O star- black hole binaries
Varsha Ramachandran
25 Nov 2021, 11:15

Populations of satellite galaxies with the IllustrisTNG simulations: from galaxy clusters to the Local Group
Christoph Engler
2 Dec 2021, 11:15

An update of the Milky Way disk model and its application: Age-metallicity relation from 4 to 14 kpc based on the JJ model and APOGEE data
Kseniia Sysoliatina
9 Dec 2021, 11:15

The cloud-scale baryon cycle across the nearby galaxy population
Melanie Chevance
16 Dec 2021, 11:15

More than a million stars - past, present, and future of direct N-body simulations
Rainer Spurzem
13 Jan 2022, 11:15

Can velocity fields explain the Wolf-Rayet radius problem?
Roel Lefever
20 Jan 2022, 11:15

The tale of the long uphill struggle of GBOT
Martin Altmann
27 Jan 2022, 11:15

Dust Traffic Jams in Inclined Circumbinary Protoplanetary Discs
Hossam Aly
3 Feb 2022, 11:15

Environmental dependence of the matter cycle from cloud evolution to star formation and feedback in 54 main sequence galaxies
Jaeyeon Kim
10 Feb 2022, 11:15

B Supergiants: Atmospheres and Physical Properties
Matheus Bernini Peron
17 Feb 2022, 11:15

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