The Department of Physics and Astronomy lays emphasis in general on offering a wide spectrum of research topics and in particular on focussing on fundamental aspects.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy attaches extreme importance in general on having a broad research programme, but more specifically on its emphasis on studying the fundamental questions that are posed in physics. The core areas of elementary particle physics, the structure and development of the universe as well as classical and quantum complex systems are complemented by various interdisciplinary fields, such as environmental physics, bio and medical physics as well as technical computing. There are several issues that are of importance for the development of the Department. Our priorities lie in:

  • successfully accomplishing the current change in the generation of physicists, in attracting excellent scientists to Heidelberg
  • the continued ability to attract excellent students at all levels (at the Bachelor's and Master's level with aptitude tests, at the level of doctoral students, this is done competitively),
  • the integration of young researchers at the post doctoral level as well as of junior research group leaders
  • the successful completion of the construction of the new 'Klaus Tschira Institute of Physics', which is now underway
  • continued success within the Excellence Initiative of the German Government.


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