The application process for Germans and their equals (i.e. Bildungsinländer)

Application to the Master's degree commences with an online registration.You may check the status of a submitted application at URL: Please note, that only successful applicants will be notified in writing.

Application process

German applicants and applicants from the members states of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as foreign nationals with the same status as German students (Bildungsinländer/innen) ; International Applicants with a German 'Abitur' or/and a German Bachelor's Degree should use the online application form, that is linked on the right hand side of this web page.

Complete this form, and send a printout of it together with the other application materials listed below to the following address:

Universität Heidelberg


Postfach 10 57 60

D- 69047 Heidelberg


Plrease note, that the whole application procedure including the interview must be completed by the last day of the semester preceding the one in which you wish to commence your studies.

List of required documents

Your application must include the following documents:


  1. The completed printed version of the application form (Online form, see link on right hand side);
  2. Officially certified photocopies or typescripts of certificates obtained from university and other tertiary education (i.e. colleges, academies etc.) including
    1. the relevant transcripts of individual grades per semester or academic year (transcript of records), especially those of the fifth semester if the final grade has not yet been awarded commensurate with 150 ECTS credit points;
    2. the diploma supplement. In addition, if the documents are not in German or English an officially certified translation into German is required.
  3. a curriculum vitae
  4. an  affidavit, i.e. a legally binding declaration of the applicant, whether the applicant has lost the entitlement to finalise master degree studies in physics or degree courses of similiar type and contents as well as to whether the applicant is in the process of finalising such kind of the aforementioned degree courses - this document needs to be signed by the stundent, however, further certification is not needed;
  5. an officially certified photocopy or typescript of the school leaving certificate that entitles the student to enter university in their country of origin (e.g. abitur, baccalauréat, GCE, A & O level, matriculation certificate, etc.) including the relevant list of individual grades. In addition, an officially certified translation in German is required (except for documents in English).

Selection procedure

You can apply for two majors with different priority. Applications will only be considered with an above average degree (corresponding to mark 2,9 in German grading system). The Selection process is a three-step procedure:


  1. An initial ranking is made based on the grade of the bachelor degree or the average grade of the last (fifth) semester, if the final grade is not yet available (max 15 points).
  2. An interview will be held. Here you can prove your personal motivation and qualification.
  3. If the the sum of points scored in step 1 plus those obtained in step 2 is greater or equal to 16 points, admission to the master degree programme will be granted.


The dates for interviews are not yet fixed.

Your invitation to an interview will be sent to you electronically, i.e. via email, only.

Acceptance and admission

Should you be accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance (Zulassungsbescheinigung). You require this document for your enrolment at the University.


Please note that we do not return any application material submitted to us. It will be destroyed after the application procedure is finally closed. The online application portal and forms are available during the application period only. The Bachelor's Degree must have been finalised at the beginning of the desired semester of entry the latest.