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Relaxing the cosmological constant during low-scale inflation

Wen Yin , Tohoko Univ., Japan

To relax the tuning of the cosmological constant (CC) dynamically, the relaxation should happen at a low renormalization scale below meV so that the radiative corrections do not reintroduce the problem. We consider the possibility to relax the CC during low-scale inflation when the typical scale, the Hubble parameter, is Planck-suppressed. We show that the CC can be relaxed during the inflation if the CC is time-varying and if the inflaton potential has a peculiar shape. The inflationary period is very long but is not eternal. The technically-natural tuning of the special potential shape, the initial conditions, and the relevant phenomena will be discussed.

20 Jan 2022, 16:15
Institut für Theoretische Physik, Online

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