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Black Hole archeology with gravitational waves
Dr. Djuna Croon
Mon, 21 Jun 2021, 16:30
Cosmological surveys with the SKA
Roy Maartens
Tue, 22 Jun 2021, 15:15
Influenza's Spike Motor and the Spaghetti Drive
Igor Kulic
Tue, 22 Jun 2021, 16:00
A new era of Interferometry with GRAVITY(+)
Dr. Frank Eisenhauer
Tue, 22 Jun 2021, 16:00

Knitting Together a New 3D View of our Milky Way Galaxy

Catherine Zucker , CfA
Until recently, much of our understanding of the 3D structure of our Milky Way was based on 2D observations of stars and dust, or spectral-line observations of gas. Distance measurements needed to turn the 2D sky into a 3D physical picture of the stars and interstellar clouds that form them were few and far between. In this talk, I will discuss how the rise of Gaia and large photometric surveys ? in combination with new data science and visualization techniques ? is quickly changing the landscape. In particular, I will show how 3D dust maps have received a huge distance resolution boost from Gaia and how 3D dust can be ?knitted? together with velocity information from gas and young stars to render new 3D spatial-kinematic views of our solar neighborhood. On small scales, I will present a new analysis of the 3D spatial topologies of local molecular clouds, linking the formation of a subset of these clouds to the expansion of a previously undiscovered feedback-driven superbubble. And on large scales, I will show how many of these clouds are connected into a 2.7-kpc-long undulating gaseous structure called the Radcliffe Wave, which redefines our understanding of the Local Arm nearby.
Königstuhl Colloquium
14 May 2021, 15:00
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Level 3 Lecture Hall (301)

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