Time & Locations

Physikalisches Institut,
Im Neuenheimer Feld 226
Room 00.101
Room 00.101

HighRR Workshop: Vistas on Detector Physics

Heidelberg University

December, 11 - 12, 2017


The workshop “Vistas on Detector Physics” aims to open a window on recent detector development in fields as high energy physics, neutrino physics, dark matter searches and in experiments to test symmetries in nature. This workshop is mainly addressed to undergraduate and PhD students. Besides the wide spectrum of detector technologies presented during the different sessions, the participants will have the opportunity deepen the topics in lively discussion with the experts.   
The workshop “Vistas on Detector Physics” is supported by the “High Resolution and High Rate Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics” (HighRR) Research Training Group. HighRR is dedicated to research and education in pure detector science. It particular focuses on the instrumentation of novel experiments in nuclear, particle and high energy physics.

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